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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Negative Space and White Space

Introduction to Negative Space and White Space

Up to this point we've been developing artwork by drawing the primary shape. Be on a focus on the shape defined by pen or pencil. What about the area that doesn't have any artwork on it?

Negative Space:  
Negative Space is the space unoccupied by artwork either inside or outside the artwork.

White space:
White-space, like negative space, is the area unoccupied by artwork but it's bigger than negative space and doesn't carry any further meaning. It's more of a place to rest your eyes or provide a mechanism to focus user's attention elsewhere on the design. It also isn't necessarily white. It could be black. Or textured.

White-space is a highly-valued tool by designers.

 The concept of creating a design by emphasizing its background changes our natural approach to seeing.

When we are led to focus on the background the unmarked portion of the page (the white ground) becomes transformed into a recognizable subject.

Our traditional image making process is thereby reversed, with a greater emphasis on composition, positive–negative relationships and framal reference (i.e. the "box).



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