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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Online Writing Tools


1. Microsoft Word

A full-featured word processing program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft. Available stand-alone or as part of the Microsoft Office suite, Word contains rudimentary desktop publishing capabilities and is the most widely used word processing program on the market. Word files are commonly used as the format for sending text documents via e-mail because almost every user with a computer can read a Word document by using the Word application, a Word viewer or a word processor that imports the Word format (see Microsoft Word Viewer).

2. Google Docs

A family of Web-based applications from Google that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, forms creation and online storage. Launched in 2006, documents can be uploaded and downloaded in Word, Open Office, RTF, HTML or text formats. Spreadsheets can be uploaded and downloaded in Excel, Open Office and comma delimited (CSV) formats. Files can also be downloaded as PDFs. See Google Apps and Google.

3. Blogger

(1) A person who writes Weblogs. See blog.

(2) (Blogger) A very popular blog service from Google that lets anyone writes and publishes a blog. Launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs, San Francisco, CA, Blogger was acquired by Google in 2003. In 2005, Blogger Mobile was introduced, allowing users to post photos and text messages via mobile phones. Audio blogging is another feature. After signing up, users can call a number and speak, and the sound file goes to their blog. For more information, visit See blog service and blog.

4. Google Notebook

Google Notebook is a free online application offered by Google that allows users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online. The browser-based tool permits a user to write notes, clip text and images, and save links from pages during a browser session. The information is saved to an online "notebook" with sharing and collaboration features. Notebooks can be made "public", or visible to others, and can also be used to collaborate with a list of users (either publicly or privately).

5. Mockingbird

Mockingbird is a wonderfully useful tool, which lets you create mock-ups of websites in minutes. Simply drag and drop user interface elements into mockingbird, rearranging and resizing as you go to create a perfectly balanced page. You can add as many pages as you like, linking them all together to show clients or associates how users might navigate through your site.

Once you’ve created and saved a mock-up, mockingbird issues you with a link which you can share with other people, or an embed code so that you can embed a mock-up in your own website. It’s a lightweight tool with few features (there are, for instance, no templates to follow), but this makes it really quick and easy to use.


COPASO is an advanced colour palette tool that helps you create the perfect colour schemes and themes. With a scratch pad to save colours you’re working with, a photo tool to extract colours and an advanced colour picker and colour theory wheel to give you tons of colour inspiration.

Using COPASO you can save your palettes to a private folder or download them to your local computer. When you’re ready, click publish and share your colour palette with thousands of other colour enthusiasts. This tool is very easy to use and it has all the necessary functions for colour lovers. You can easily build a really nice colour scheme for your websites.

Monday 27 June 2011

Webdesign Brief

 Developing  a Project Brief Template

website project brief


Project Brief

A Project Brief at a minimum needs to contain the following:

  • Header/ Footer/ Corporate Correspondence look and feel/ logo/ colour/ type etc.
  • Project Name
  • Project Primary Goals
  • Project Secondary Goals
  • Stakeholders & Contact Info
  • Project Audience
  • Time-frame
  • Document Control (Author/ Date/ Version)
  • Space for stakeholder signatures

Here is an example of mine:

WEBNET Industries Pty Ltd
34u Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood 7250
PH: (323)41690823

Project Name: Webnet Website

Project Primary Goals:
  • Market the WEBNET name
  • Content development
  • Domain name and web hosting
  • Supported browsers
  • W3C markup validation of pages
  • Copyrights
Project Secondary Goals:
  • viral marketing
  • Optimize the site
  • Proof read content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Back the site up
  • Create a subscription plan for the site
  • Reward visitors with free gifts

Stakeholders and Contact Info:

1. Sir Richard Brandon - 68 Voyager Ave Nottingham Forest 6336

2. Paris Hillsong - 365 Eggbert Drive West Hollybank 9001

3. Queen of the Nile - (private) N/A

Project Audience:

International Students, Educators, Research Scientists and the NSA.


Start 6/28/2011 4.11am - 21st of December 2012

Document Control:

Author: Mickey Mouse

Date: 28th of June 2011

Version: AndRoid 2.3 little gingerbread man

Stakeholders Signatures :

Sir Richard Brandon
                     Queen of the Nile                                             
  Paris Hillsongs


Website Survey

Develop a User Profile Survey


Website Feedback Survey

Welcome to our Students make a Difference blog. Please help us with your feedback on this site so that we may improve it to your liking.
* Required

The best of the best Rubbish

Excellent Terrible

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
User profile survey

We were asked to develop a website and as part of our research we had to work out what our typical user might be like. We had to develop a survey to perform this fuction. I used google docs where it gave me ease of use to create a form based survey.
Click here to take survey

Friday 24 June 2011

Mind Map Website

Brainstorm and Mind-Map a Website

Create colorful mind maps to print or share with others. Almost no learning curve. Businesses, universities, and other .


Thursday 23 June 2011

Web Design Tips

 Tips for Great Web Designing

For the young generation, who are trying to make their web designs, I am trying to share my practical experience with web design. In this article I am sharing 5 tips for great web designing that will be helpful
for the young students I trust.

Tips for Great Web Designing:
1) Various Web Design Software

No one is doing web design the expensive way though the truth is some are still paying for their web design. But if you want to learn and make your own web design, you have to use various web design software for your better output in a short time.
2) Knowledge of HTML

This is not a fact what type of web design software you are using, you must educate yourself with basic HTML knowledge. There is no way without HTML knowledge. Once you get the proficiency for basic HTML code snippets, initially it will be sufficient to start your web designing.

3) How To Layout Website

As a web designer you have to keep knowledge about how to layout your website template. If you know it, it will be easier to design your website.

4) Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

If you make a website, you must have to optimize it in search engines to get visitors. In all latest web design software there are some particular SEO tools that will help you to boost your website. So it is important to know about these tools.

5) Keep Your Web Design Simple

This is a remarkable truth because it is vital and yet so overlooked. Search around the web and become aware of the top sites online; they all are using very simple design with lots of white space. If you are building a website for profit, don't get flashy.

Anyway, these practical tips that should set your web design on fire and I trust you will be able to able to make web designs so easily if you just follow these tips.

Mission Statement

Some ♥


I found these script writers on Skype so inspirational with their magical story.


Here is the final = Gladness* Polly


Friday 17 June 2011

Hero Shots for Websites

 Merging Type with Images

Content placement options

The following options appear in the Content Placement Options dialog box:

Fit Images Proportionally
Maintains the image’s aspect ratio but scales the image to fit within the frame (default).
Fit Images To Frames
Scales the image so that its aspect ratio is identical to the frame’s aspect ratio.
Fit Frames To Images
Preserves the image size but adjusts the frame size to match it.
Preserve Frame And Image Sizes
Places the image at its intrinsic size into the frame, aligned to the upper-left corner of the frame. The image is cropped if too big for the frame.
Fill Frames Proportionally
Places the image so that its height or width fills the frame, leaving the rest of the image cropped.
Center In Frame
Aligns the center of the image to the center of the frame.
Link Images
Creates a link, or file path, to the original image file. If this option is not selected, all image data is embedded in the InDesign document.
Remove Blank Lines For Empty Fields
Remove paragraph returns inserted for empty fields. This is especially useful for mailings in which you have an optional address field. This option ignores soft returns. If any characters, including spaces, appear on the line, the line is not deleted.
Record Limit Per Document
Specifies the maximum number of records for each merged document. When the threshold is reached, a new document is created with the number of pages necessary to hold the remaining records being merged (up to the per-record limit). This option is available only when Single Record is selected.
Page Limit Per Document
Specifies the maximum number of pages for each document. When the threshold is reached, a new document is created with the number of pages necessary to hold the remaining records being merged (up to the per-page limit). This option is available only when Multiple Records is selected from the Records Per Document Page menu when merging.




This is a typical activity for a web designer/ graphic designer where the wireframes are already done or the CMS (Content Management System) uses a template and the hero shot is one area where there is maximum creative latitude/ opportunity.

Website Wireframe

 Populating a Web Page Wire-Frame

A lot of the output of a junior web designer is to re-purpose provided content. In this assessment you need to work with an existing wire-frame.

The layout needs to stay the same but you have creative latitude in terms of type/ images.


Here is the revised version

Shooting Motion

Examples of Shooting Motion

The goal here is to maintain the subject in focus and blur the background or in the case of the water, make it look like silk.





The term metadata is an ambiguous term which is used for two fundamentally different concepts (types). Although the expression "data about data" is often used, it does not apply to both in the same way. Structural metadata, the design and specification of data structures, cannot be about data, because at design time the application contains no data[1]. In this case the correct description would be "data about the containers of data". Descriptive metadata, on the other hand, is about individual instances of application data, the data content. In this case, a useful description would be "data about data contents" or "content about content" thus metacontent. Descriptive, Guide and the National Information Standards Organization concept of administrative metadata are all subtypes of meta content.

Metadata (metacontent) is traditionally found in the card catalogs of libraries. As information has becoming increasingly digital, metadata is also used to describe digital data using metadata standards specific to a particular discipline. By describing the contents and context of data files, the quality of the original data/files is greatly increased. For example, a webpage may include metadata specifying what language it's written in, what tools were used to create it, and where to go for more on the subject, allowing browsers to automatically improve the experience of users.

Photos Metadata


Wednesday 15 June 2011

Logo Placement

Make a Logo 

with Transparency and Place it on a Web Page


To test your PNG transparent logo you'll be using an existing web page.



Your task is to replace the existing logo with your own

Design and

Design and
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