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Liberty Enlightening the World
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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle


Producing Images for the Web

Here is another attempt which I chose a JPG image for its smaller size compared to GIF and PNG-24
 Points to remember:


  • Use JPEG to save photographs.

  • JPEG cannot have transparent backgrounds.

  • JPEG is not good at preserving exact colors – don’t use them for logos or text.


  • Use GIF to save images that have sharp lines (like text) and solid colors. Examples:

    • A solid red square

    • A typical corporate logo

  • Use GIF to save images that need to have a transparent background.

  • GIF was invented for creating screen graphics – don’t use GIF for images that you want to print on paper because they will look crappy.


  • Use PNG if you want to have images with blended (fades smoothly), transparent backgrounds.

  • Use PNG if you need to create print ready high-resolution graphics.

Here is a revised version where I saved the image as a jpg for its smaller size of 308.kb which was much smaller than the png24 and gif.

Another revised image where I chose the jpg as it was the smallest in size

I saved the image above as a JPG for the size was 417kb which was a whole lot smaller than the GIF and PNG 24.

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