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Monday, 27 June 2011

Webdesign Brief

 Developing  a Project Brief Template

website project brief


Project Brief

A Project Brief at a minimum needs to contain the following:

  • Header/ Footer/ Corporate Correspondence look and feel/ logo/ colour/ type etc.
  • Project Name
  • Project Primary Goals
  • Project Secondary Goals
  • Stakeholders & Contact Info
  • Project Audience
  • Time-frame
  • Document Control (Author/ Date/ Version)
  • Space for stakeholder signatures

Here is an example of mine:

WEBNET Industries Pty Ltd
34u Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood 7250
PH: (323)41690823

Project Name: Webnet Website

Project Primary Goals:
  • Market the WEBNET name
  • Content development
  • Domain name and web hosting
  • Supported browsers
  • W3C markup validation of pages
  • Copyrights
Project Secondary Goals:
  • viral marketing
  • Optimize the site
  • Proof read content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Back the site up
  • Create a subscription plan for the site
  • Reward visitors with free gifts

Stakeholders and Contact Info:

1. Sir Richard Brandon - 68 Voyager Ave Nottingham Forest 6336

2. Paris Hillsong - 365 Eggbert Drive West Hollybank 9001

3. Queen of the Nile - (private) N/A

Project Audience:

International Students, Educators, Research Scientists and the NSA.


Start 6/28/2011 4.11am - 21st of December 2012

Document Control:

Author: Mickey Mouse

Date: 28th of June 2011

Version: AndRoid 2.3 little gingerbread man

Stakeholders Signatures :

Sir Richard Brandon
                     Queen of the Nile                                             
  Paris Hillsongs



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