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Liberty Enlightening the World
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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Design Fundamentals

 Going Forwards

An Introduction to Typography and Getting a Feel for Type

Introduction This lesson introduces the student to the power and magic of type. Typography is the study, design and application of type.

What's a typeface and what's a font?
A typeface is a family of type such as Gill Sans :
  • Gill Sans MT
  • Gill Sans MT Condensed
  • Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold
  • Gill Sans Ultra Bold
  • Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed

 A font is an example from a typeface family, set at a particular size, and style.
Find a typeface you like and represent it using sizes and styles in a manner similar to the Gill Sans panel above. Put your name in there somewhere.
Use any application you like (MSWord/ Photoshop/ Illustrator) .


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